No, just a fan and long time patron. I have owned the domain name for 22 years.

I used to run a Washington D.C. nightclub forum board many years ago and the domain has just been sitting there empty. Because of COVID and the cancellation of the live Reunion this year I thought it would be fun to make “vanity” Poseurs email addresses available.

Only $10 $5 per year (until Christmas), that’s less than 42 cents per month. Hell give it as a present you cheap-ass bastard.

Yes, it is your personal email account. You get 512 MB of storage. It is not monitored in anyway, just don’t be a dick like sending kiddie porn or racist shit.

Yes, it is hosted on the top tier hosting plan by Siteground. I use Siteground for all my web hosting clients at Macintosh Design. That being said I wouldn’t use the account for any highly sensitive material, nor can I guarantee the integrity of your emails. I however am confident enough to use it for my 15 year old web development company.

You can access your email either via webmail, mobile or desktop email client. The settings will be sent to you in your welcome email.

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